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Jim's Nutrition Philosophy

Why is personal training, nutrition and healthy recipes important? It prevents against common ailments as well as more life threatening diseases and is an important part of diet and weight loss. Medical scientists believe that a third of all cancers and heart disease are related to poor eating habits. Personal training can aid in proper nutrition by helping with your diet with healthy recipes and promote weight loss. Carbohydrates provide fuel for the body and are classified as simple or complex. Complex carbohydrates give you a longer lasting flow of energy and come in the form of whole wheat bread, pasta, rice, sweet potatoes and cereal. A personal training diet for weight loss uses whole wheat healthy recipes because of the nutritional value over white flour carbohydrates. They are stripped of their nutrition when processed and leave you feeling hungry and wanting more.

Personal training meal plans require protein in their healthy recipes. Protein is required by the body for the growth maintenance and repair of cells. The best source of complete proteins are meat, dairy, poultry and fish, which carry essential amino acids and are the building blocks of muscle and aid in weight loss by speeding up your metabolism. Fats play an important role in nutrition and diet by suppressing your appetite and maintaining healthy body functions.

Nutrition, healthy recipes, diet and personal training are all essential key elements in weight loss and maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle.
After much research and consideration, we came to the conclusion there was no better place to point you for delicious and nutritious recipes than to our friends at! The recipes you'll find here are truly unbelievable!   

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